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Teenager (Special Reissue)


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Teenager 03:39
For your birthday she sent you a card She didn’t sign her name she gave an autograph Now she’s trying to call your bluff Is she your true love? We knew the boy who went from Mod to Ted She asked matter of fact had he gone off his head He was uncomplaining as a tree Not a thing like me You’re not a teenager So don’t act like one Sure she’s a heartbreaker Does she have one? Is it down to me, down to me we both rarely speak? I went for a stroll after dark I thought of you with her while staring at the black I didn’t have you down for being easily led Or the girl well read I went for a stroll after dark I thought of you and her, I think I’m going mad Can you help me to see where I’m going wrong? Help me finish this song
I can’t believe that I’m writing this down I can’t believe I’ve got you in a song I don’t want to be a whining girl I’d rather not be in your world I stole a magazine from a Laundromat The posters in the bag they were breaking my back All I wanted was a bench to rest my weary legs I sat and had a greet, I have done my best I’ll get my operation on the N.H.S Will it cure my blushes will it bring out my best? Some will say I was a woman pretending to be a girl I will make no comment of this I’ve had my fill This can’t go on When is it going to stop? You casually walked back to your room tonight Take the flight of stairs and softly dim the light Fantasize about how happy you’d be with a girl tonight I don’t want to see you down I don’t want to see you hanging around I don’t want to see you down I don’t want to see you hanging around
You bruise like a cherry my darling girl Words can mean nothing to some in this world I want you to know I thought about you last night I cried Play indie rock if that’s what you want Quote Mike Leigh films it will turn them all on I heard you were going on a first date That’s great Don’t apologize Try your best not to disguise To get misty eyed at times is fine Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one A freckle appeared on your lip from the sun Those kids that you run with, they put you down Make no sound
Buy me an advent calendar It seems the thought of days without you make me sadder Don’t visit me now you make me want to do myself in I’ll see you sometime but I won’t see you soon I know something’s about you I won’t spill the beans There’s a spool in my own camera that’s never been seen I could write it all down but it won’t be enough I want you to be happy with someone to love It won’t be me It won’t be you Pretty soon we’ll agree to be free Footloose and fancy free


FORMATS: 7" Single [Yellow Colour Vinyl] [Numbered Limited Edition of 1000 copies] / Digital Single

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CAMERA OBSCURA is one of the key groups in Elefant Records’ history. After their first album, they joined our label with that marvelous “Underachievers Please Try Harder”, and later put out the equally incredible “Let's Get Out Of This Country”. Together, we climbed upward in a trajectory full of unforgettable moments.

That’s exactly why they couldn’t be left out of our collection of reissues for Elefant Record’s 25th anniversary. This collection began in 2014, when we celebrated 25 years as a record label, and so far we have released 16 of the 25 collections promised.

THE SCHOOL, LA CASA AZUL, TREMBLING BLUE STARS, LE MANS, JUNIPER MOON and LOS FLECHAZOS are just a few of the stars of these reissues. This time, we have decided to do a very specially release; both “Teenager” and “Keep It Clean” were singles taken from CAMERA OBSCURA’s second album, and they were only released in the CD-Single format. So, now they are going to be released on vinyl for the first time - two 7”, color-vinyl, 1000-copy numbered and limited-editions. Each single will include two A-sides (two songs taken from “Underachievers Please Try Harder”), accompanied by two songs from their CD-Single that haven’t been included on their albums. And as we said back then, it is impossible to get tired of listening to CAMERA OBSCURA; they have the magic necessary to combine the eternal and the immediate with the spontaneous and the elaborate.

“Teenager” was CAMERA OBSCURA’s first release as an Elefant Records group. It is iconic within the Scottish group’s collection, and it is accompanied on the other side by “A Sister's Social Agony”, a song with a doo-doo-wop spirit and romantic angle that also came out on “Underachievers Please Try Harder”. “I Don't Want To See You” and “Footloose And Fancy Free” are the two lesser-known songs that were included on the CD-Single at the time, and that complete this limited-edition, yellow vinyl.


released March 3, 2017



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